2021-04-12T14:21:29.000-07:00April 12 2021, at 02:21 PM PDT, Rob Meyer said:

Posted Today, April 11, 2021;

Summer registration forms including the new NLAC Hold Harmless form.

The Summer 2021 Meet Schedule. ( other meets are available and listed on the WI Swimming website).

2021-04-12T14:14:18.000-07:00April 12 2021, at 02:14 PM PDT, Rob Meyer said:

Hello Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches,

RE: Registrations

Welcome to the 2020-2021 swimming season. With the COVID situation, most swim meets will be limited this year. However I know some of you are able to practice and attend the limited meets available.

Under the documents section on our website under Registration Forms NLAC you will find registration documents for the 2020-2021 season. Please look over the instructions and forms and discuss with your coach. YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO INCLUDE THE HOLD HARMLESS WAIVER ALSO LOCATED IN THE REGISTRATION FORMS.
Send the correct forms with your coaches and parents signature and proper payment to me at the address on the form. Let me or your coach know if you have any questions.

Rob Meyer